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Saturday, November 2, 2013

User experience analyst - November 2013

Two user experience analyst positions are available at TSYS in Columbus, GA.

UX Analyst Job Description – Entry Position
A UX analyst contributes to the design of an intuitive user experience that satisfies business and user requirements, incorporates feedback from user evaluations and usability analysis, and considers end-to-end user experience, including integration of software across devices and user context for applications and websites.

The UX analyst prepares flows,mockups, and prototypes to demonstrate the UX solutions to stakeholders, users,customers, consultants, and partners.  The UX analyst can also recommend research methods, conduct research, analyze results, and make actionable, detailed design recommendations based on research
results. This person works closely with UX team, graphic designers, technical solutions architects, developers, business analysts and content specialists.

A UX Analyst is passionate about both design and communication and assumes the role of user advocate as well as user experience champion and evangelist.

Knowledge and Skills
* Solid understanding of information architecture, interaction design, general web and mobile device user interface standards 
* Expertise with tools and techniques for wireframing, prototyping, information architecture, task analysis, and visual design  
* Knowledge of experience maps, workflow diagrams, working prototypes 
* Ability to identify research-based design recommendations and persuasively present them to business stakeholders 
* Ability to articulate and defend interaction design decisions with data, standards, and clear exposition of trade-offs (accommodation to business and technical constraints) 
* Design, plan, and conduct user research of all kinds (usability tests, surveys, interviews, contextual inquiry, etc.); recruit or direct recruiting of participants 
* Lead data analysis and develop findings and recommendations to inform design decisions 
* Strong collaboration, problem solving, and decision making skills  
* Familiar with the agile development life cycle for software; represent users goals and perspectives throughout development cycle 
* Ability to listen and communicate successfully with all members of a cross-functional design team and with all project or organizational stakeholders  – to inspire trust and communicate with user, business, design and technical stakeholders 
* Ability to manage multiple projects

*2+ years in creating and designing User Experience solutions and addressing challenging User Experience issues of content, design, and implementation
*1+ years of experience working as a UX professional in an Agile software development environment
*1+ years of experience in planning and conducting user research; developing findings and recommendations to drive design
*Familiarity with common UX related software packages is a plus. These include Webex, Morae, Axure, Balsamiq, etc.
*Familiarity with CSS3/HTML5 for skin design and maintenance

Bachelor's Degree in Interaction Design,Human Computer Interaction, Human Factors, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Design or related field,  or equivalent
experience or certifications

To apply, or for more information
visit http://www.tsys.com/About/Careers/

Select The Americas  at left, then North America,  and search for UX or UX Analyst,