This is the official website for the PDTG of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Monday, November 5, 2012

About the PDTG

The PDTG is a technical group of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. The PDTG is dedicated to developing products that are useful, usable, safe and desirable by applying the methods of human factors, consumer research, user research and design research. Members of the group are concerned with traditional consumer products as well as commercial products and industrial products.

The technical group conducts a yearly product design competition for innovative and user-centered approaches to human factors and industrial design. The award recognizes both the design and the methods used to achieve the design. Past winners include the Duet Fabric Care System by the Whirlpool Corporation, the Microsoft Office Keyboard by the Microsoft Hardware Design Group, Infiniium Oscilloscope by Agilent Technologies and Herbst LaZar Bell Inc., and The Evenflo Insight™ Stroller by IDEO and Evenflo.

With 562 members as of December 31, 2008, PDTG is one of the largest technical groups in HFES. Individuals who work for governments, industries, the service sector, and many universities are members of the PDTG. The membership is distributed across many different countries and includes industrial designers, behavioral psychologists, usability specialists, engineers, safety specialists, market researchers, and product manufacturers.

Current PDTG Officers:

Russell Branaghan 
Program Chair
Erik Wakefield
Program Chair-Elect
Brianna Slutsky
Ruth Loewenhardt
Awards Co-Chairs
Dianne McMullin
Stan Caplan
Student Liaison
Student Newsletter          Editor
Adam R. Shames
Travis Kent
Shasank Nagavarapu
At large members
Jay Pollack
Susan Hallbeck
Dan Nathan-Roberts
Laurie Reiprich
PDTG Chair

As chief executive officer, the technical group chair is responsible for conducting TG activities in accordance with Society Bylaws and Operating Rules, and is responsible for TG finances. It is the responsibility of the technical group chair to ensure that the technical group account at all times has sufficient funds to support required activities. The chair will prepare the agenda for the annual business meeting, preside over the meeting, and ensure that the minutes or a summary report of this meeting are distributed to the TG membership. The chair appoints persons to fill other TG leadership positions.

The financial part of these responsibilities is not a problem for PDTG. We have a very healthy treasury that can support new activities including those already in the works. In the current situation, the elected chair will finish out the remainder of the current term and start a new two-year term after the HFES Annual Meeting.

Program Chair
The program chair, a two-year position, is responsible for development of the TG's technical program for the Annual Meeting through solicitation and review of technical paper submittals and symposia/panel discussion proposals. The program chair manages the paper submission and review process with the assistance of HFES. The program chair solicits reviewers, coordinates the review process, and organizes the technical group’s sessions. In addition, the program chair supports the TG as a voting member of the executive committee.

Joining the PDTG

To join the PDTG, please follow the appropriate link: Non-HFES members click here. Current HFES members can download an application here (Adobe Acrobat required).

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer for PDTG activities, please contact Russell Branaghan